Dan Rich, P.E.
Principal Engineer

“Being a consulting engineer isn’t only about planning or permitting or design; it’s about building relationships and being a champion for our clients.”

Dan has over 24 years of experience in the world of water: wastewater, reclaimed water, groundwater, stormwater, and water and is a Principal of the firm.  Dan has designed WWTPs serving the cities of Auburn, Reno, Lake Wildwood, Lincoln, Woodland, Merced, Tracy, West Sacramento, and Colusa. Dan has completed over 20 wastewater Master plans for communities across California. 

Dan is a skilled public speaker and regularly gives project updates to members of the public, the media or city councils. Dan also serves as a Director of the San Juan Water District which provides treated water to nearly 300,000 people in Sacramento and Placer Counties.


Mark Cocke, P.E.
Senior Engineer

“The opportunity to find the art in science helps me be challenged, energized, and engaged.”

Mark has over 20 years of experience in planning, designing, and evaluating processes for watershed hydrologic systems for stormwater, nonpoint pollution, and flood management and ten years for planning, designing, and evaluating processes wastewater and sludge treatment. He specializes in treatment process development, and design, performance evaluation, trouble-shooting, and NPDES compliance.

Melissa Lee, P.E.
Senior Engineer

“Planning and permitting must be approached with a sense of curiosity and creativity.  Our job is not to give you the same old answers, but something new and out of the box that will save you time and money.”

Melissa has 13 years of experience in planning and permitting. Melissa has completed more than 12 sewer master plans.  Melissa has presented several papers at national conferences in various aspects of collection system modeling and CIP development.  Melissa prepared the Report of Waste Discharge and associated studies for Biggs, Woodland, and Auburn’s NPDES renewals.


Olivia Yuan, PhD
Project Engineer

“Wastewater design has been my passion for over 20 years.  It is art and science combined.”

Olivia has over 20 years of research and engineering experience. Her doctoral dissertation developed relationship between the particle size distribution, sludge age, and settling characteristics of the sludge.


Lakshmi Jayaprakash, EIT
Project Engineer

“The intersection of effective planning and excellent design can have a profound impact on our world.  I love what I do!”

Lakshmi has 3 years of experience on wastewater design, master planning, and permitting projects.

Planning And Design of wastewater pump stations with special considerations for minimizing energy consumption and environmental impacts such as odor and noise control measures. These pumping facilities serve a number of specific functions, including return activated sludge (RAS), Groundwater drainage, Solids handling basin dewatering and sewer lift stations.


Chris Bressi
Lead Inspector and Construction Manager

“They say, ‘The road to success is always under construction.’  Let us do the management and inspection on the journey!”

Chris has more than 30 years of practicing municipal project work and has served as lead inspector for the City of Galt and City of Auburn prior to joining NEXGEN in 2008.  Chris’ hands-on construction experience makes him a valuable asset.


Jeremy Pollet, P.E.
Electrical and Controls Engineer

Jeremy has over 16 years of electrical engineering experience and was the electrical engineer for Woodland, Merced, Auburn, Lincoln, Nevada County, Colusa, and Live Oaks WWTP upgrades to UV and denite.  Required electrical upgrades are a significant portion of the overall project costs, especially for UV systems.


Vince Yee, P.E.
Principal Engineer


Gaja Naik


Sukhdeep Kaur
Senior Software Developer


Josh Estrella
Project Manager


Corey Welsh
Business Development Manager


Dheeraj Maddini
Software Developer


Gabrielle Mogannam
Quality Assurance Analyst