Purple is the New Green


What is Recycled Water?

Recycled water is treated wastewater that is used for other purposes such as landscaping irrigation, agriculture, commercial and industrial applications (such as cooling towers), recharge groundwater, etc.

The Problem:

California is in the midst of a severe drought.  Governor Jerry Brown has issued an emergency mandate requiring a 25% reduction in water use statewide.

The NEXGEN Solution:

The City of Woodland owns and operates its own water and wastewater systems.  To help meet the statewide conservation mandate, NEXGEN helped the City obtain one of the first low interest loans issued by the SWRCB to finance an ambitious recycled water project.  The City is in the process of constructing a pipeline through the City to provide recycled water to commercial businesses and industries.  At the completion of this project, the City will instantly reduce potable water demand by 10% by supplying recycled water to the City’s top industry and even further by using recycled water for parks.


Going All Natural

 Using Solar Energy and Algae to Clean Sludge


The Problem:

The City of Woodland was facing spending $15 million on new sludge digest facilities to comply with permit regulations.

The NEXGEN Solution:

Traditional sludge digestion facilities include a tank for anaerobic digestion and subsequent dewatering of digested sludge, often a belt thickener.  Rather than spend money on new facilities, the City’s existing pond system was modified with new piping and valves.  Half the ponds are now used to generate algae which is fed into the Hyper Facultative Sludge LagoonsTM (HFSLs) to digest sludge.  Ponds are loaded for two years, digest for two years, and then drained and dried for one summer.

The result of using HFSLs is an odor free, energy free, low maintenance, green alternative to traditional sludge handling facilities.

HFSLs can stabilize, dewater, dry, and create compost equivalent biosolids for under $35/ton – ¼ the cost of traditional solids handling facilities.

Show Me the Money!

$34 Million in SRF Grants and Counting for our Clients in the Last 5 Years


The Problem:

Many communities face significant upgrades to their wastewater systems to comply with state and federal regulations.  These upgrades often have large price tags and require affordable funding.

The NEXGEN Solution:

NEXGEN was able to obtain $8 million in free money for the City of Colusa through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program for denitrification improvements, solids and water basin improvements, sewer upgrades, and reclamation.

NEXGEN has obtained low interest loans (1%) for other communities through the same program.

Innovative and Efficient Denitrification for the City of Auburn WWTP

We’ve successfully pilot-tested growing de-nitrifying bacteria within the City of Auburn’s wastewater treatment plant by adding methanal (carbon source for bacteria) within their sand filters. The water is filtered and denitrified in one step.

UV Disinfection System Bioassay Testing

We’ve bioassay tested UV disinfection systems at Colusa and Woodland to confirm the water is pathogen-free and can be safely used to irrigate cropland and parks.